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Ready to rethink medicine? Discover the natural, organic, and evolving marijuana treatments for chronic medical conditions through an Integrative Medicine Physician and state-approved source.

Dr. Lori Gerber D.O. is board certified Integrative Medicine Physician who is also state-approved to certify patients into the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program, guiding them on their journey to safely and effectively utilizing medicinal cannabis.

Backed her extensive functional medicine background, Dr. Lori provides full-circle consultations when implementing effective cannabis therapies for patients wishing to utilize this powerful plant as part of their health and wellness regimen.

Your Physician-Backed Link to Rx Cannabis

For patients experiencing any of the medical conditions listed below, Dr. Lori offers more than just a card — but a full-circle consultation

- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
- Anxiety disorders
ƒ - Autism
ƒ - Cancer
ƒ - Crohn's Disease
ƒ - Dyskinetic Disorders
ƒ - Damage to the nervous tissue
of the spinal cord with objective
neurological indication of
intractable spasticity
- Epilepsy

- Glaucoma
ƒ- Huntington's Disease
ƒ- Inflammatory Bowel Disease
ƒ- Intractable Seizures
ƒ- Multiple Sclerosis
ƒ- Neurodegenerative Disorders
ƒ- Neuropathies
ƒ- Opioid Use Disorder
ƒ- Parkinson's Disease

- Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
ƒ- Severe chronic or intractable pain of neuropathic origin or severe chronic or intractable pain in which conventional therapeutic intervention and opiate therapy is contraindicated or ineffective
ƒ- Sickle Cell Anemia
ƒ- Terminal Illness
ƒ- Tourette syndrome

When traditional medication isn't providing relief or for patients seeking a natural alternative — medical cannabis may be a powerful and effective alternative.

Dr. Lori is approved by the state of PA to provide medical marijuana cards for those that meet Pennsylvania state requirements for one of the above medical conditions click here to take the next step towards relief.

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